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Rudy Meyer is a French Neo-Pop artist based between Paris, Barcelona and Bangkok.

The conventional education systems were at odds with his creativity, so ‘studying’ was spent drawing at the back of the classroom. And keeping a job for more than a few weeks? Impossible. He knew his life had to be different. 

That’s why he gravitated towards people who went against the grain and made a massive impact in the world: the Game Changers. He spent days and nights reading biographies about people who made the impossible, possible. Their lives were his source of inspiration and courage. 

He encountered blocks early on in life but ultimately, at 22 years old, his creativity enabled him to start his lucky charms company. For six years, Rudy researched myths and stories to design over a thousand magical objects and built the business successfully from this.  This entrepreneurial experience taught him dedication and resilience.

After selling his company, he could now dedicate his life and energy to his first love: Art. 

Since then, he has lived in 16 countries and visited 100 more, taking time to explore, getting inspiration from different cultures, artists and museums. Along the journey, he developed his own painting and printmaking practice learning with artists, printmakers and street artists worldwide.


Since 2019, his artistic practice has been his only focus. His artworks are now exhibited in galleries in Asia and Europe.

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