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Sophie is a talented and emerging figurative artist, dedicated to promoting body positivity through her work. Born and raised in Windsor, she developed a love for art at an early age. Her passion for portrait photography and painting led her to pursue a career in art, where she has been fortunate enough to have been mentored by published artist, Soozy Barker.

She has gained recognition for her delicate and sincere figurative art, which presents women of diverse body shapes and sizes in a positive and empowering manner. Her distinct style, characterised by monochrome lines, natural backgrounds and elegant accents of gold, drawing the viewers eye to important parts of the compositions, has led to her work being featured in various galleries and exhibitions. Her creative talent, passion and dedication are imprinting a silhouette of raw honesty on the world.

Sophie had her first solo exhibition at our sister gallery, Abbeville Art in Clapham, in July 2023 and she regularly exhibits with us at Affordable Art Fairs and Fresh Art Fairs.

photo 28-04-2023, 10 48 04.jpg
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